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We open the pawnshop

We open the pawnshop

Lombard is an organization that specializes in providing loans secured by various movable property of citizens. To open a pawnshop, you need to have the consent of many government agencies. However, this kind of entrepreneurial activity remains tempting for those who have capital. This kind of business has many positive moments for the client: quick registration, minimum documents, the ability to pledge a lot of their property.


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What kind of pawn shop to choose?

There are several directions in this area of ​​activity. Each has its own positive and negative sides.

The pawns, which specialize in jewelry, make up more than 90 percent of the total. They have a number of advantages: it is easy to sell goods in case of non-payment by the client of a loan, and also do not require large premises for storage of products. The disadvantage is the complexity of product evaluation.

Those pawnshops who have chosen to work with household appliances and clothes have the smallest profit from one operation in comparison with other types. If the client does not redeem his pledged thing, it will be difficult to implement. For these reasons, this direction is considered more risky than others.

Automobile pawnshops are becoming more widespread. Attracts the opportunity to get a good profit. The disadvantage of this business is the need to have parking for cars. Also, you need to be very careful about assessing the cost of a car before issuing a loan.

How to attract customers

The location of the pawnshop is very important. Of course, it's better if he is in the city center, not in the sleeping area. We also need to focus on advertising.

Start-up capital to open a pawn shop

As a rule, it takes about one million rubles to open a pawn shop. This amount will fluctuate to a smaller and larger side, depending on the direction of activity.


When choosing any direction, it is necessary to arrange the guard. For a successful pawn shop it is very important to choose a qualified appraiser of the property of the clients. Such employees should have a high salary. Therefore, business owners are eager to engage in a small group of products to reduce costs.

Lombard income

It is important to set the correct interest rates in order to receive good income. They are very dependent on the number of clients served. Starter capital pays off after about a year and a half of work.

How to expand a business

This can be achieved by increasing the list of goods received by the pawnshop, as well as the opening of additional points in other areas.

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