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The idea for a business: a travel agency

The idea for a business: a travel agency

At present, travel agency services are enjoying stable and high demand. Therefore, as an idea for a business, the creation of a travel agency is always relevant.

The idea for a business: a travel agency

The organization of such a business is not complicated. First of all, for the travel agency it is required to enter into an agreement with the tour operator. The activity of the travel agency is connected with the sale of tours organized by tour operators.

In addition, the agency provides customers with various additional services. To create a travel agency, you must purchase or rent an office space.

Location is a very significant factor for it to attract customers. At the initial stage of work it is expedient to hire at least one sales manager for passes. At the same time, it is desirable to set the wage as a percentage of the sales made.

The basic expenses when opening a travel agency are connected with rent of premises, acquisition of computer and organizational equipment, and also carrying out of an advertising campaign.

It should be noted that the revenue to the agency brings not only the sale of tours, but also the provision of related services such as insurance or sale of air tickets.

In connection with this firm it is necessary to conclude contracts with insurance organizations, as well as with companies-carriers.

The travel agency receives the main income as the difference between the cost of purchasing tours from the tour operator and the price of the ticket for the client. As a rule, this difference ranges from 15 to 25% of the total cost of the tour.

Typically, a sales manager is paid 5% of this difference.

If a travel agency deals with the sale of policies, then insurance companies transfer from 10 to 30% of this amount for this affiliate program.

The basis for the success of the travel agency is its positive reputation in the market, which is formed as a result of providing only the highest quality services to its customers. If the agency uses the trust of clients, then its activity always has a very high level of profitability.

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