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Opening of the store of classical clothes: the basis and nuances

Opening of the store of classical clothes: the basis and nuances

Opening a men's clothing store seems like a good idea. Many are advised to bring the product from Turkey. As you know, large parties go from Istanbul. The main issue concerns the procedure for the delivery of clothing.

Opening a store of classical clothing


If you do business, you need to decide immediately on the money that you have to spend. Preparing documents for company registration is another important issue. For the organization of the process immediately it is necessary to take care of the staff. The company must have an intelligent accountant who will be accountable. Many are taking products from Moscow. Representative of the company Victor states that it is unprofitable for one shop to bring goods from Turkey.

Model development is a priority goal

It is necessary to define with a product which will be demanded for the consumer. Also, there is another positive moment - it's easy to exchange things when getting defective goods. Some are also aimed at the Chinese market. As for the procedure for delivery of goods, here you can do without the customs broker services, which can be ordered at http://broktransconsult.com.ua/services/customs-clearance/contract/. A suitable specialist can always be found on the Internet. Before you need to clearly prepare a job, after which the person will tell about the prices and documents that will be required.

We shop

There are certain people who offer their services in designing and selling the store. It is worth noting that not all Russian companies are specifying equipment. There are separate organizations that are ready to offer a full design project of 1500 rubles. per square meter.

This includes developing a concept and zoning space. Design project can be ordered on a turn-key basis for 2000 rubles. per square meter. This includes a layout of equipment and a selection of contractors.


There will always be people who will say that it is not profitable to carry men's suits, because they do not take much. Also, experienced entrepreneurs refer to what was much better before. As for the supplier base, you have to try. It's quite difficult on the Internet, because nobody wants competitors.

In any case, much depends on the peculiarities of the regions. As a rule, the entrepreneur learns from his own experience the mechanism of product sales, and this is not always easy.

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