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New solutions in the field of energy

New solutions in the field of energy

Power engineering remains one of the main sectors of the national economy. This is an area of ​​activity that provides one of the most important resources that allows the economy to develop and to ensure human life. New technologies also come into this industry, enabling the use of innovative methods and expanding the capabilities of enterprises.

New solutions in the field of energy

One of the largest production associations in Ukraine is the "Boiler-mechanical plant Parkhomenko", acquaintance with the activities of the company and products can be found here http://kmzp.com.ua/, on the site of the enterprise. The unique technologies of the enterprise allow to make equipment for thermal power stations and thermal power stations of a completely new generation. The company also develops new directions of activity and offers in the market of the country, absolutely unique products.

About the factory

"Parkhomenko boiler-mechanical plant", further KMZP, specializes in the efficient solving of energy sector tasks. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of industrial steam boilers. Also, the company is actively working in the field of thermal processing of household waste, offering new, environmentally friendly technologies and solutions to the energy industry.

The plant is ready to consider any appeals of enterprises and organizations in the field of energy and boiler equipment, as well as offers direct deliveries, complete set up and commissioning of equipment. Also, new solutions in the field of waste treatment are found not only in the regions of the country, but also abroad.

The benefits of cooperation with the plant

If you directly collaborate with the plant in the field of supplying equipment for energy and waste treatment, you can get the full range of services and benefits:

• To buy the equipment of the best European manufacturer.
• Order delivery and installation.
• Specialists of the plant perform equipment adjustment and start-up.
• Start-up in test mode and turn-key delivery.
• The plant performs maintenance and repair.

New technologies and solutions are so necessary in providing the livelihoods of modern cities. If you take advantage of cooperation with the plant, you can provide profitable solutions in the field of energy and waste management.

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