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Manufacturing of pressed coal for barbecue

Manufacturing of pressed coal for barbecue

Very profitable business, especially in urban conditions, because the townspeople often go out to nature and are happy to buy pressed charcoal for the preparation of a shish kebab.

Manufacturing of pressed coal for barbecue

It sells well packaged in packages of 1 kilogram, the profitability of a business is 1/100, makes it easy and simple, it can be a business even for one person. Briquettes are made from sawdust, mixed with anthracite available for purchase at http://ntc.net.ua/ugol-ao, flint lime and corn starch. To glued it all, it is watered so that it does not stick and dry still more dried pieces at 140 degrees Celsius, after drying out of 35% moisture will remain 5%, than the land the better.

It is possible to dry the sawdust itself, dried at +760 degrees Celsius in a closed container, without access to oxygen for 4 minutes, otherwise it will light up.

This is if you go to production on a large scale, but first you can use a small lot right at your home. Release a small batch, pack it in bags, distribute it, it's not illegal. I am sure that this idea will have to please you because it is very easy, the expenses are minimal and the income is solid and there will be no headache.

Moreover, such products fly off quickly, in large batches, only to do it, especially during the summer season, when every family tries to go out into the countryside, and even several times in a season. Your pressed charcoal will fly away to you, bringing you good income! Try to do the manufacture of pressed charcoal for barbecue and feel all the charm and ease of its implementation and the amount of income, sure you will like it.

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