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Idea for your business with minimal investment

Idea for your business with minimal investment

When it comes to talking about one's own business, the fabulous financial investments and red tape with the organization of production immediately appear.

Idea for your business with minimal investment

And if you imagine that there is no initial capital as such, and there is no opportunity to get a job. What to do? How to survive? There is a win-win option - start the production of home-made semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, etc.).

There are some advantages to this business:

First, demand. Stable and growing only. In a modern megapolis, with its accelerating pace of life, it is difficult to work for a person to allocate and half an hour to prepare food, but to eat delicious and useful food it would be desirable. Semi-finished products sold in supermarkets are not of high quality, as they are prepared on an industrial scale with the addition of all kinds of preservatives and flavors. And even buying a high-priced product, the consumer is likely to be disappointed with his unnatural taste.

Secondly, the minimum investment to start work. You will need a freezer (for the start it is enough and the usual home refrigerator), a meat grinder for the processing of ingredients (the new domestic electric model costs from 2 to 3 thousand p.), Dishes and stove (there is in each kitchen), a small set of products for the first order (not more than 3 thousand p.), and as simple packing packages it is possible to use packing. Packages with lock Zip-Lock wholesale can be purchased today at a very good price.

Third, long learning is not required. There is no need for specialist courses to start preparing simple semi-finished products. The Internet is full of original recipes and video tutorials, if some of the skills or knowledge you need to refresh.

Fourthly, in this case there is no age limit, student or pensioner - the preparation of tasty food is available to everyone.

Fifthly, the calculation for your work you receive immediately after the sale of products.

There is a logical question: who to cook for? How to implement a product?

There are several ways:

To start distributing among friends, acquaintances and relatives. They will help to unpredictably assess the product and make adjustments to its composition. Some of them will definitely become customers and advise you to buy semi-finished products for someone else.

Advertising on social networks. Creating accounts in popular social networks (Vkontakte, Instagram), the possibilities of these resources are endless - you can put photos or video on the cooking process (quality certificate), draw a product (attract new customers), etc.

Print the simplest business cards, prepare small trial portions and distribute it yourself on a large office building. The indicated method involves close direct contact with the customer, which will determine the demand and expand the range.

As a result, we can say that there are no deadlock situations, you can always find a way to make a decent living and not depend on anyone, while not investing a lot of money at the start of the project.

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