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Idea for business: We open a nursery of plants

Idea for business: We open a nursery of plants

Plant nursery is a very good business variant for those who love plants and know how to deal with them. For many, the cultivation of fruit and ornamental plants is just a hobby, and few people know that their hobbies can be turned into a very lucrative business.

Idea for business: We open a nursery of plants

Stages of creating a nursery of plants:

1) Choose the location of the nursery

In order for the nursery to bring a large income, its area should be significant. But for the first steps you can use a small section. Of course, every year you will need to increase the area.

The best thing is for the nursery to be in the countryside, as the gassation of the city has a very detrimental effect on the plants. At the same time, buyers should have the opportunity to get to the nursery without problems.

2) Selection of plants for nursery

From the plants that will be grown in the nursery, the income options depend, therefore, the question of the choice of plants should be approached seriously.

When choosing plants, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of their growth, because some species of plants grow very long, which means that they can bring profit only after a while, but the profit will be several times higher than that of ordinary fruit trees and shrubs.

Also in the nursery you can grow unusual varieties of fruit grass plants, for example, tomatoes of Dutch or Chinese breeding. Of course, the income from such crops will not be as high as from fruit and ornamental plants. By visiting http://raiffeisen-connect.ru/novosti-raiffeisenbanka/47-raiffeisen-agro.html, you can find out which company you can collaborate with in this area.

3) Workers

It must be said that the working staff is not needed only at small sizes of the nursery, because the owner can himself patroll, water and harvest, especially if the owner of the nursery is an experienced gardener and gardener.

When the nursery becomes large and one person will not be able to follow and care for such a number of plants, then it will be necessary to hire workers.

4) Define the market

Definition of the market is a key step in opening a nursery of plants. From the market, the species and varieties of plants that will be grown in the nursery will depend on the market.

Plants that will bring the greatest profit

The most expensive plants that can be grown in the nursery are conifers. It is worth to say that the older the coniferous plant, the higher will be the price of its sale. For example, the pine is a large-sized, that is, pine, whose age is more than ten years old, can be sold for five thousand and this is not done.

Unusual varieties of trees and shrubs will also bring big profits.

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