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How to organize an advertising agency

How to organize an advertising agency

Many people think about organizing their own business at least once in their lives. As a result, everyone chooses a business to your liking.

How to organize an advertising agency

When choosing a business in the field of advertising it is necessary to be communicative, to be able to communicate with people and think creatively. These qualities can really help in the further development of advertising business.

The most common and effective method of organizing a business is advertising for the sale of billboards, they are also called planes. Bigboards are 3 to 6 meters high. They can be placed in any city where the number exceeds 10,000 people. Many companies will place their advertising on such planes, ranging from grocery hypermarkets and ending with just a diner near the road.

The monthly monthly rental price of such an advertisement is about $ 150. The price is set directly by their owner. Every six months the owner has the right to reconsider the rental price. Rates may vary at the same time and in agreement.

How to conclude an agreement on the provision of its services

From the beginning it is necessary to find out how many bigbord companies exist around you. Next, you should arrange a meeting with the representative of each company and impress them. Your ability to speak depends on your income for distributing bigboards for companies. When negotiating, it's important to report your plans to existing customers. In a word, it simply should be intrigued by the company representatives to agree to cooperate with you. If you have acquired at least a few companies, you should go to the next stage of the advertising business, that is, search engine designer.

Many customers order not only planes, but also marketing layouts, which requires the presence of a profile specialist and designer. Of course, you need to pay a designer, but you will have a profit.

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