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How to open a summer cafe?

How to open a summer cafe?

Summer, heat and you sit in a cafe and drink a cold cocktail, and children eat chocolate vanilla ice cream. And the idea comes to mind - how to open a summer cafe in your area? And, probably, many think about it, but only units do.

How to open a summer cafe?

The business idea is old, but still relevant. Summer cafes are always in demand and bring good profit. It shows practice, there is nothing difficult in this business.

Step-by-step instruction: "How to open a summer cafe?"

1. Preparation of documents.

At the first stage and, probably, the most complex one, one must think for six months in advance. Because this procedure is not as fast as it seems. The summer cafe has seasonality, and it is necessary to open it in the spring. It all depends on the weather. The package of initial documents would be nice to start out in the fall or with the beginning of the winter.

In order to open a summer cafe on the territory of a settlement, it is necessary to take a positive permit from local authorities. In order to obtain such a document you need to collect a lot of certificates and permissions and get acquainted with the functions and work of the majority of instances. Before you begin processing your documents, you need to:

- to find a place for a summer cafe and coordinate it with the land department of the district or city;

- to develop, and in the post, to make a small sketch project, which will later be coordinated at the instances of the city (architecture, committee for improvement, district, local market of goods market);

- to write a statement to the city administration, and at the same time it is necessary to start coordination in the city committee;

- obtain a written permission for the right to trade in the range of products you want in Rospotrebnadzor and the original license for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Entrepreneurs argue that this process is not as fearful as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to clarify all procedural issues and have the necessary documents.

2. Choosing a place for a cafe.

As they say, in a good place and fish is better to bite. Earnings from your summer cafe directly depend on choosing a place in the city. It is better to stop the choice on the site of a large concentration of people (in the park, near shopping centers, squares, beaches, large residential areas). Analyze passability by counting the number of people in the day and night in the places you are interested in.

3. Equipment and other accessories.

For this kind of activity you will need a showcase, refrigerators, tables, chairs, tents or umbrellas, crockery and other accessories. To save money, you can take advantage of the accessories provided by the suppliers of the product, provided that they cooperate with them. But such a service obliges to fulfill many promises: not to sell the products of competitors, to stick to the design of the shop window cafe, to purchase the goods for a certain amount irrespective of sales and others.

4. Investments.

The pavilion is an integral element in which all the infrastructure is being built. It will take $ 100-700 to buy it. Although it is possible to take it from the supplier (for example, a tent or umbrellas). When choosing furniture, keep in mind that the set of metal (4 chairs and the table costs up to $ 300) is more expensive and harder than plastic furniture (from $ 100). The set of exclusive or wicker furniture will cost more. The elemental garbage bin is $ 50. You will also need a bar, showcase, racks, refrigerators and other equipment. The cafe offered for baking and barbecue is to be provided with a spacious closet, convection oven and grill barbecue. Only on apach.com.ua you can buy professional convection ovens at the lowest price for today.

The amount of investment depends on the scale of the summer cafe and on the equipment. The average investment cost in a cafe is $ 15,000.

The main income article consists of margins for beer (70%), drinks (100%), food (200%). The targeted monthly profit is up to $ 2000, and the profitability of the cafe is 35%.

The right choice of place and unique service will multiply your profit several times, and in a few months will buy investments in a summer cafe.

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