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How to open a engraving workshop

How to open a engraving workshop

For the professional artist, there are many options to make a good job, but the most progressive and profitable will be the opening of the engraving workshop.

How to open a engraving workshop

The essence of this business idea is to engage in metal engraving. It can be various individual greetings on anniversaries and other celebrations or performance of the work for the purpose of the further sale. In any case, this solution will be good for those who specialize in metal.

The machine is a "printer" in which a special diamond cutter is installed in the form of a needle instead of a printing device, and an image is applied to it. The main work - the portraits of monuments - the most stable and profitable business. The professional machine costs an average of $ 700.

Due to efficient advertising, orders you will have enough money to quickly pay back initial investments.

Your main disadvantage - due to the constant operation of the machine, it breaks down, requiring a fairly frequent repair. However, stable earnings per month from $ 1,000-1500 will provide you with high payback for additional costs.

With the expansion of its business, people can be offered engraving of articles made of copper, brass, and aluminum.

It may also be offered engraving on gift weapons, army tokens, cigar cases, key rings and other souvenirs.

Additional services can be arranged by purchasing souvenir weapons and then selling them with a certain type of engraving. Your main advantage is probably that there is no separate engraving workshop in your city, so the first customers will quickly find you.

Organizing an advertising campaign will help you organize the process more quickly, you may have to hire more engravers. Also, do not forget about the quality of the work, as this will depend on the effect of the work of the sarafan radio and the louder it will tell you, the more customers you will receive.

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