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How to make a business plan right

How to make a business plan right

How to make a business plan right? This question is disturbing all the beginner entrepreneurs. The success of your own business depends on how the business plan is drawn up. He must answer all the questions you are interested in and moreover.

How to make a business plan right

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Rule 1. Description of the future project.

Here you need to describe everything about your future business. It is the capital through which the business will be opened up and its further development, competitors and your advantage over them, the potential market, methods of promotion, expected revenues, etc.

Rule 2. Legal issues.

This includes the name of the company, certain licenses, legal nuances and what kind of activity you are going to deal with. The address of the future company and the required area are mentioned. It is also necessary to describe the purpose of the company.

Rule 3. Analysis of the potential market.

Need to specify the type of market and its scope. Then calculate the expected profit and payback period of the business, analyze the income and losses.

The strategy of entering the market and the target audience is also to be drawn up.

Rule 4. Description of services provided.

Describe the offerings of goods and services, loyalty program and benefits to buyers. Find the benefits of your offers to competitors.

Rule 5. Make a plan for the implementation of the project.

Here you need to understand and write down how your company will take its place in the market and its participation in various events (exhibitions).

Rule 6. Describe Your Competitors.

Compile a report on the activities of competitors, their development and the expected incomes and losses. To highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the products of competitors.

Rule 7. Employees and production.

Describe the methods of producing goods or services provided. Calculate the required number of employees and their qualifications. You need to decide whether you need some equipment and where to get it.

Rule 8. Finance.

This includes rental costs, equipment and salaries for employees. Also, calculate the expected revenues for each month and the next few years.

Rule 9. Availability of documents.

To invest in a business plan all the necessary documents (contracts, licenses, letters, etc.)

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