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Economic store

Economic store

If you open a hardware store, then stable income is secured, since the hardware store is one of the most profitable types of business, the goods are mainly small, nails, wires, bulbs, clothespins, roll cellophane, batteries, tools, etc. Such trifles are sold every day in large quantities and in a large assortment! The invested capital is returned daily, on a bit, but true and stable.

Economic store

It is precisely the trade in small commodities that always brings and brings the most reliable income, because people are not afraid to spend money on trifles, and by the end of the day a large sum will appear in the box office, and the costs are minimal, and the return is 10 times, at least, the small commodity brings the most income All this is known by all the workers in this field. The assortment of the store can be expanded to an unbelievable size and include, in addition to tools and other small details, dishes, detergents, electrical appliances, as well as small appliances.

Where to take the goods?

Best of all, it's a company that manufactures a particular product. Not to pay intermediaries. And by that, save a lot of money. If the selected product is manufactured in another country, for example in China, then there are two options:

1. Contact directly with a Chinese company, such as Alyexpress. The larger the party, the greater the discount. But, many Chinese companies sell only huge wholesale. The plus is that the price of the goods will be very small. Well, and minus is, of course, a delivery. In the area from 2 weeks to a month.

2. Find a wholesale company with the right products in your country. Plus, in the event that the product is over, it can be quickly replenished by ordering from a partner. Well, and minuses, this price is usually higher than in China, because they resell someone else's goods. Yes, and competition is more, because dealers they usually do not have enough.

The best to trade?

As already mentioned above, the smallest goods diverge best. For example: batteries, light bulbs, nails, printer paper, balls and other items for home and garden. In addition, you can sell a few large, non-spoiled things. It can be: a bag of cement, sand, objects for construction and repair. In general, everything that can be sold in small wholesale.

How, where and to whom to sell?

Having a small shop, you do not need to do anything special. Indeed, if it is in a crowded place and the prices for products are not too high, they will always buy.

But, advertising will not hurt either! If you do not want to pay for it, use free bulletin boards on the Internet. However, advertising will not hurt also off-line. Print your ads on the printer and raspakeet within a radius of a couple of hundred meters.

The purchase of such goods is usually made on wholesale markets, and is sold in the store at an exorbitant price, bringing in big revenues. In general, the store of household goods is a profitable business and with the right approach you can make a good job, and if you organize a chain of stores, then in the future, you can increase your income to an incredible size.

The business store as a business will always flourish, because the range is very diverse and may include non-peculiar commodity stores, which does not contradict this kind of activity.

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