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Daily rent: how to make money safely

Daily rent: how to make money safely

Virtually everyone can make their apartment an object for stable earnings. The main thing is to have a free home, a time and a desire to rent it. Daily rent of an apartment for the purpose of receiving income - a phenomenon very common. On short-term lease, you can earn a lot more than long-term.

Daily rent: how to make money safely

How to rent apartments in Yekaterinburg cheaply?

For rooms in mini-hotels and hotels, many people prefer the short-term rent of apartments (apartments).

- First, such an option is much cheaper;

- Secondly, a person can choose for himself an apartment completely corresponding to his requirements.

If you have a desire to earn money for renting your property, you need to decide on the prices. It is necessary to take from the guests a sum, which is 20% -30% lower than the cost of a room in an inexpensive hotel. This rule applies to ordinary apartments. In the presence of housing elites - class, the cost of rent should be appropriate.

Daily rent is very comfortable and convenient for the landlord. There is always the opportunity to stop business at any time. For example, if you need to sell a home or move it there, it will not cause problems. When concluding a long-term employment contract, the landlord must wait for the termination of the contract to take advantage of his own property.

How much can you earn on housing?

Factors affecting the cost of rent

- Property Location. In the city center, the rental rate is higher than in remote areas. In addition, the metro and public transport stops are very important in walking distance from the home;

- Entrance condition. Housing in a house with a clean, well-groomed entrance with a concierge will cost more;

- The condition of the apartment. If there is repair in it, there is all the necessary household appliances, then this factor also increases the rental rate;

- City. For example, in Moscow the cost of renting a one-room apartment with the usual repair is about two to four thousand rubles per day. If you give it for at least twenty days out of thirty, then you can earn forty-eighty thousand rubles, which is significantly higher than the income from a long-term lease of a similar object (about twenty-five - forty thousand rubles a month).


In order to make a steady profit, it is necessary to place advertisements on popular sites (Avito, Qian). It is possible to arrange the posting of announcements at public transport and train stations, but this method will require time and effort.

Another important point is the preparation of an apartment for the reception of new residents. Each time you will need to spend time on ordering, cleaning and washing the laundry, changing the burned light bulbs. In addition, it is necessary to regularly buy soap, shampoo, household chores.

You should not equip the apartment with expensive equipment.


When arranging a business for the day-to-day real estate, you should consider possible difficulties. There is always a chance to run into fraudsters who, having taken advantage of their housing, will get out and will not pay, or, worse, take possession of their property. Therefore, each time it is necessary to conclude an employment contract with the guests, it is mandatory to check the passport, to take copies of the face reversal and the page with the registration address. If potential clients are questioning, it is better to refuse them to rent housing.

In a competent, thought-out approach to the organization of the process, daily renting of housing is a demand and yielding a stable income through the direction of business.

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