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Clearing is a business

Clearing is a business

Cleaning is not the most attractive way to make money, as it may seem at first glance. Because, if you have a little money for the start-up capital, you will have to take the detergent yourself and take care of cleaning the premises.

Clearing is a business

Where to start?

It will be important to determine the specifics of the provision of services:

private customer service (private homes)
service of firms (office cleaning)
Territory maintenance
Initially, as evidently, it's easiest to start with office cleaning at https://cleaning-line.ru/ezhednevnaja-uborka-ofisov/. This requires much less material inputs for cleaning equipment and detergents. Then, you can gradually expand the base into the areas of commercial organizations.

Legal side

Before performing the duties, the customer and the executive must sign a contract, where I will specify the rights and obligations of the parties, types of work, as well as penalties in the event of damage to property. The last aspect is to be taken into account when hiring a cleaning company, since the costs are borne directly by the firm.

The office is not needed

An office is not a mandatory item in this business. The issues are solved either by telephone or at the place of execution of the order. But you will need a room where you can store the working equipment.


At hand, there should be detergents for the whole life, with the meanings associated with the most powerful, for the removal of difficult-to-remove contaminants, and more sparing detergents for work on delicate surfaces.

You should find a supplier or wholesale warehouse where you will be able to regularly buy detergents at a relatively small cost.

A good solution will be the purchase of so-called biological or non-allergenic funds. People have always been bothered with health and therefore, when properly positioned, they, of course, will refuse toxic substances in favor of biologically clean room processing. Detergents with prefix "BIO" are much more expensive than usual, but this is also a factor that will significantly increase the cost of rendering cleaning services.

Minimal inventory set:

vacuum cleaner
trolley with garbage bag, inventory and spin boxes
mops, brooms, mops (rags for floor washing);
slipped with a sponge to wash the windows;
steam cleaner;
Washing machine
various trifles such as wipes, sponges, etc.
The last point can be attributed to consumables, therefore, along with detergents, they will require regular purchasing costs.

All of these are necessary for indoor cleaning. To clean the territory, equipment will be required much more seriously and significantly more expensive, and the purchase of a car for the transport of personnel to the place of work is not ruled out.


Competent marketing is also an integral part of this business. It implies the distribution of leaflets, business cards, paid advertisements on the Internet on various large platforms, up to the creation of the site. It is possible to leave a business card in places of potential clients, such as: household, building and other thematic stores.

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