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Business in the countryside is real

Business in the countryside is real

Residents of villages and villages remain almost one third of the population of Russia. At the same time, unemployment remains the main problem of the current state of the Russian suburbs. It is because of it that young people leave the villages without finding their place in the labor market in the countryside. How to organize a small business in the countryside? Let's try to understand this question in more detail.

Business in the countryside

How to organize your own business in the countryside?

To begin with, it would be good to determine the initial conditions. In rural areas, the main source of income, which is in large numbers, is land. The idea of ​​opening a farm is good, but not always feasible, because it requires a lot of money at the very initial stage. This idea can be realized after the start of a stable income business, begun with minimal investment.


You can start with beekeeping. Renting a small plot of land in the forest-steppe zone is desirable near a crop of such crops as buckwheat, or not far from the fields of a wild boar, will not be very expensive. Regarding the registration of a plot of land - a direct road to the department of land relations in the area where it is planned to open the apiary.

In addition to the land, it will be necessary to purchase about 50 shoulder families, hives for them, and accompanying material for care of bees. For all this, it will take at least 300,000 thousand rubles. Based on the fact that one family of bees can give in the area of ​​20 kg of honey ready for sale, and the cost of sold honey of about 400-500 rubles per kilo, you can calculate the income from apiaries in 50 hives - about 450 000 rubles.

To organize the wintering of the bee family and the expansion of the business, it is necessary to postpone about two hundred thousand rubles, hence, in the first year, the net profit will make two hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand.

Crop production.

Here you can highlight the organization of greenhouse business. This kind of production will suit the furious gardeners. In this case, it is possible to arrange seedlings, vegetables or berries. Other options can be the cultivation of flowers, mushrooms, seedlings of coniferous trees.

For the organization of greenhouse business it is necessary to determine with a plot - for a small greenhouse the available territory at the house will suit, if large scale production is planned - consider the possibility of renting a land plot.

The next step will be to determine the period of cultivation and the choice of the culture itself. Proceeding from this, to draw up a business plan, in which it will be necessary to determine the material of construction, the implementation of communications - heating, water and electricity.

At a later stage, the need for working hands is determined. To reduce initial costs you can do your best, however, with the increase in production, most likely, additional workers will be needed.

Initial investments for the opening of the greenhouse business will depend entirely on the size and time of use of greenhouses, as well as on selected crops, but with the right approach, a net profit of up to 300,000 rubles can be generated annually from even a small greenhouse complex.

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