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Business Idea: Translation Agency

Business Idea: Translation Agency

Today, business can be done even with a good knowledge of languages. The bp-philin.ru bureau of payments pays off in about half a year, and is ideally suited for starting by those who have worked as a translator or teacher of languages ​​in freelance, has connections in the field of linguistics, but does not want to do more hired labor.

Business Idea: Translation Agency

What will be needed to enter the market

In the large regional city for the opening of the translation agency will cost about 1, 000 000 rubles. The required costs will be as follows:

lease of a premise, preferably passable, not far from the center where the offices of the notaries and the migration service are located, as well as the higher educational establishments;
hiring of personnel and payment of accounting and legal services. Some prefer to use recruitment agencies to hire staff, but it's worth understanding that their goal is to sell you a better job seeker. Therefore, it is sensible for beginner entrepreneurs to take advantage of another channel - to look for talented graduates of linguistic universities, finding contacts through graduating departments or graduates' labor exchange;
acquisition or leasing of office equipment and office furniture. This does not need to be saved if you want to attract really promising specialists;
advertising, including online and targeted

Who will use the translation agency as a business?

It is worth to understand that the more complicated the service rendered, the "entrepreneur" should be "closer" to it according to the kind of previous activity. This is the perfect business for those who have worked for several years at the linguistic department and have personal connections in the translator environment. The quality of work of the staff will depend on your income and the rate of payback.

The most expensive translators are:

synchronists One hour of synchronous translation, even from a popular English, costs about 1500-2000 rubles, events rarely last less than 2 hours, so if you work in a city-millionaire, where business and political meetings are often organized, it is worth considering such specialists;
technical and legal translators. Specialized vocabulary is always valued more than commonly used. Such specialists often have two formations - for example, engineering or legal, and linguistic. They are quite expensive, but also orders well-paid by them;
scientific translators. The reform of education and science has led to the fact that Russian specialists should be able to actively promote the results of their work to the West.

Publication in a foreign scientific journal is a troublesome subject, and it requires a good knowledge of the language. Not every scientist can brag about this. Therefore, the sphere of scientific translation is growing, especially in large cities, where there are technical, economic and legal universities with demanded departments;
translators from the languages ​​of the peoples of the CIS. This is especially true where a large number of types of residence permits and work permits are required. We are talking about large cities with developed communal infrastructure and construction. Registration of documents to employees from the CIS countries is not possible without their transfer. On this you can also earn

Pros and cons of translation agencies as a business

An essential plus is the minimal investment, and the possibility of doing business "for the sake of" for linguists. This is an interesting business that requires attention, understanding, and active participation. Good translators will not be left without work in a big city. It is possible to partially combine this business with a functioning language school. Saves the cost of processing part of the employees not in the state, but in civil law contracts. Accounting services can also be obtained under an agreement without hiring an accountant in the state.

The minus of such a business is the high competition from freelancers. Almost every person making transfers works on freelance websites and exchanges, and makes transfers on their own. Some customers will go to such people, especially when it comes to the "gray" market of scientific translations. In addition, investments will require such a business directly in the first phase, and they will be substantial. This should be taken into account when entering the market. Payback can take from six months to eight months, subject to competent organization and advertising.

Tip: do not skimp on the services of the targetologist, people are searching a lot and actively on the Internet, even if you can find permanent orders in the migration service and in the local technical departments, you will miss a significant part of the customers if you ignore the Internet and social networks.

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