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Business idea: selling jewelry and souvenirs

Business idea: selling jewelry and souvenirs

Handmade products are valued at all times, and today the demand for such things is only growing. Exclusive and original decorations can be sold at a good price all year round, and starting a business will require minimal investment.

Business idea: selling jewelry and souvenirs

There are several types of material for the manufacture of ornaments, one of the most inexpensive and versatile is polymer clay. By its properties it is similar to plasticine, but with special treatment the product becomes solid.

What is the business advantage?

A similar business is beneficial in all key aspects:
Low cost of raw materials;
Simple manufacturing process;
A large range of distribution channels;
A wide range of possible products: ornaments, brooches, key rings, souvenirs;
Prospects for development.

The main customers will naturally be women, and without certain age restrictions, because the subject matter of products can be absolutely anyone. Exclusive jewelry is bought for themselves, friends and relatives as a gift, which provides year-round demand.

At first, ideas are being developed and the product itself is created - an ornament or key chain, after the product is burned and going. Polymer clay is freely sold in various color variants, except for the raw materials for products, you will need various sewing accessories, paints and enamels, decorative decorations.

Organization of sales of their works

Opportunities for selling goods are also not limited, sales can be realized via the Internet, retail outlets or acquaintances. If a business starts at minimal collocation, you can restrict yourself to Internet resources:

Thematic group in social networks;
Rent a site at a specialized trading floor;
Selling through ads.
Preparation for sale includes the creation of a portfolio - a series of photos with works, goods in stock, compositions with products. Over the last photos will have to work separately. Compositions with the use of the product will clearly show how decoration or keychain in life will look. An example of an installation is a coffee table, a coffee mug, a book and a cell phone with an exclusive keychain.

Creation of handmade products is an interesting and creative hobby, although it requires diligence and accuracy. This type of business will not only provide stable income, but will also allow the self-realization of the creative personality.

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