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Business Idea: Coinage

Business Idea: Coinage

Want to become a local magnate and produce coins with your coat of arms? Or maybe you just want to create a unique object with your own hands and at the same time not very complicated in realization? We present to your attention a unique business project from the series "Ancient Slavonic Technology in our time".

Business Idea: Coinage

This business is very simple, you need to find a sledgehammer and a solid surface on which to install the equipment for minting. Order the finished equipment or make it yourself. The equipment consists of 2 tanks in which a solid metal pattern is placed on both sides and a soft metal blanket is placed in the middle. Beat the sledgehammer and the coin is ready. Drawings for coins can, as you hang yourself, and order ready ones.

If you are lucky, then you can receive orders for the manufacture of rods of a special shape or a special drawing on this one will be also excellent to earn. You can offer your services on various holidays, specifically negotiate with an animator who offers their services for children and adults, as coinage will be sought on any holiday.

Also the main advantage is that the cost of chasing is not big at about 200 rubles or you can increase the cost depending on the situation. Mobility is the main difference between this business, you do not need to sit in the office and the working tool is always with you, went to the park, where a lot of people go and let's praise. The main thing is to gather the crowd and you can make a couple of coins yourself, so that people will have the excitement and money will flow into your pocket, because everyone wants to make something exclusive, so it is highly recommended to have a large set of drawings, especially with the names of people and signs of the zodiac.

The main slogan of the site is skupkamonet.com.ua - I will buy gold and silver coins at the best price for each seller.

And what if you have a small town? Make a close friendship with all the animators and photographers of the city and then at each festival you will be one of the most memorable entertainment. Over time, this attraction can become a permanent attribute of any celebration and will begin to search for yourself. If the city is not large, then there are still a couple of small towns or large villages nearby, we think your services will be tasting there as well.

The main thing in this business is not large initial costs, and if you can do everything you need, then it's almost zero. Mobility and the presence of a regular customer over time will help you earn a good extra income, and maybe it will be your main.

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