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Business for the production and sale of knitted items

Business for the production and sale of knitted items

If you know how and how to knit, you are dreaming to build your own business for making knitted items, then it's a great idea, because knit items will always be fashionable.

Business for the production and sale of knitted items

If you want to set up production, then the money for start will be considerable. However, they can be earned by making things hand-made and custom-made. For example, you can create a website, publish leaflets and pop out ads. Moreover, if you already have ready, not-oned and stuffed with your own hands, then their photos and price can also be placed on the site. The earned amount is not enough - borrow from friends or make a loan (at least a year).

The target audience will be practically the entire population of the country (this depends on the assortment offered, for example, you can make clothes for children and adults, both in the summer and in the winter, also can make napkins, tablecloths, shades, etc.). )

The next necessary step is renting a room. Ideally, it should perform several functions at once, namely: the function of the shop, and the function of the trading space. It follows that the room should be small (to accommodate both sections) and, if possible, be located on the ground floor (so that the bright showcase immediately rushed to passers-by eyes) in a densely populated area.

It is extremely important to control the relationship between price and quality of production, as you will be competing not only with domestic producers, but also with Turkish and Chinese producers. But when the competition is high enough, then it is necessary to work at the beginning to establish not only production but also sales channels.

While production is small, it is best to open an IP, since the registration process itself is much faster than with the registration of the LLC, and the payment of the state duty amounts to an order of magnitude lower. When the IP is issued, the entrepreneur is given much more freedom in accounting and reporting. However, when your business is already afloat enough time, you can think about closing the IP and opening an LLC, since LLC is more attractive to investors, and also allows you to expand production and increase the number of activities on a larger scale. By the way, on the main page of this site you will be helped to register the LLC in the shortest possible time.

The necessary equipment at the initial stage of business development should be: knitting, sewing, looping, rectangular machines, as well as machines for the chain stitch (all 1-2 units), overlock, cutting table, ironing table.

Do not forget about another important part, without which there will be no successful production - this is the selection of personnel. The most important employees are: operator, contractor, seamstress, security guard, cashier and sales consultant (if you currently own an online store, then the last three employees you do not need to hire). If you have skills working with a knitting machine, then you can completely replace the operator, for the first time. You may also need a technologist, a mechanic and a fashion designer, but you can conclude with them one-time transactions, because their constant presence in the production is not necessary.

For the startup, you will need a very impressive amount - about 80-150 thousand rubles. This amount includes the purchase of equipment, rental of premises, staff content and marketing services.

With regard to income, then with a competent approach you will receive about 40-45 thousand net profit monthly. So initial investment will pay off about a year later.

Over time, expanding the range and staff, increasing sales channels, your net profit will increase by a factor of several times.

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