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Wedding salon

If you firmly decided to open a business, but do not think your life without beauty, why not stop your choice at the wedding salon. In theory, everything looks fabulous: you make brides happy, while doing a good job. In practice, everything is a little more complicated, but it is not worthwhile to deviate from its idea. The main thing is to prepare properly for the discovery and take into account all possible (and even impossible nuances).

 Wedding salon

At the first stage of your journey, conduct a small reconnaissance operation, or more precisely, walk through the salons of your city and note the following details:

how shop windows are decorated;
service level (far-reaching criterion);
location (location).
By visiting the wedding salon on the link, you can find out how profitable this business can be.

On the basis of fresh information it is necessary to draw up an approximate business plan, necessarily including in it "weak" competitors.

Next, you should choose a room, try to find it near the registry office, or at least in the passage area, because no one will go to you on the outskirts of the dress. The size of the store may well be 50 m2, the main thing is that it has a spacious dressing room and a guest area. With the repair of the room you can not break your head, the main thing is that everything is comfortable, without screaming flowers. Pay special attention to the showcase, it must be different from everything that is next to you, and clearly urge you to come in.

One can not avoid this "unpleasant" stage of opening a business, as communication with state structures. The first thing you need is to legitimize your business, get all the necessary permissions and pay the required fees. The process may well take time, but this is not a reason to stop.

The next step in the implementation phase of your idea is to purchase inventory, equipment, trial lot and staff selection. The main equipment of the salon:

clothes bags;
several dummies;
Also, it will not be superfluous to buy a sofa, a table and a coffee machine (no, not for you, but for your favorite customers).

Although you open the wedding salon, but the assortment on this should not be limited. This is a seasonal business, and in order to survive in the winter, you also need to sell evening and children's dresses. When purchasing products, always stick to seasonality and remember that demand starts to grow 3 months before the immediate event. So graduation dresses are already in January-February.

As for the state, you will need 2 vendors and a ubiquitous accountant. However, at first, you and yourselves can be a seller, so you not only save, but also better know your customers and their desires.