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We open the wholesale warehouse

You have probably met announcements in newspapers like "rents for rent". And if you consider that such announcements are published a lot, one can conclude that the lease of a warehouse today is in high demand, and, therefore, it can be quite good to earn on this. To do this, you need to open your wholesale warehouse and rent it out.

How to open a wholesale warehouse

If you need a wholesale warehouse to store your products, in this case the warehouse opens as a branch of your firm, which has an automatic printing equipment. In order to open a branch, it is necessary to make some amendments to the company's constituent documents, indicating that the firm has a branch and the address of the branch (where the warehouse is located) is indicated there. The amendments made to the constituent documents must be registered in the tax.

If you open a wholesale warehouse not for your company, but for the provision of warehouse services, first of all, register as an individual entrepreneur, so that your activity is legal. It is done also in the tax inspection.

The warehouse itself can be constructed, bought or rented under its premises. In addition, you will have to purchase the necessary equipment. For example, racks, storage boxes, refrigerators (if perishable products are stored in the warehouse), etc.

For work in a warehouse, you will need at least 5 people. The main thing is to hire only qualified and responsible employees who could take the responsibility for the safety of your customers' products. You can do it easier and hire only the warehouse manager, and he will hire the rest of his staff himself.

Divide the warehouse space into several zones: the zone of unloading of the product, the reception area and the storage area. Also, if you are going to work with clients, you will have to acquire a liability insurance policy. And do not forget that the warehouse will require regular repairs.