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We are opening a business in the Czech Republic

Of all the existing options for opening your own business in the Czech Republic, it is best to stay in a limited liability company. The enterprise assumes the presence of several founders (from 1 to 50), the authorized capital, if the current rate of the Czech koruna is present, it should not be less than 200 thousand. kroons, and the share of each co-owner - 20 thousand kroons It is also necessary to read daily Czech news.

We are opening a business in the Czech Republic

At the stage of registration of the firm you will need to come up with its name, as well as appoint a director. Further, the type of activity must be determined. On the basis of this, a corresponding license will be issued. Then there is a procedure for determining the composition of the founders and the share of each deposit. At the stage of signing the agreement, all owners must be present or there must be a power of attorney from executives who can not appear personally.

Then, in the Czech Trade Court, an application is filed to register the firm, as well as statements of all directors or managers of deposits. The company in the Czech Republic will be registered on the basis of the founding agreement. All these documents must be notarized.

It is imperative to provide certificates of non-judicial jurisdiction in the states whose citizens are all the owners of the company. This certificate must be translated into the official language and be officially certified. The passport and birth certificate must also have copies translated into Czech.

Licensing can be done in several ways:

State, in the case of obtaining all permits from the control authorities;
With the help of a simple procedure for obtaining a license without involving the responsible departments.
With the assistance of a representative - a citizen of the Czech Republic, or having a residence permit, as well as experience and knowledge on the profile of the firm's activities.

The next stage involves opening an account in a bank and enrolling on it the necessary amount, as discussed above. Until the date of registration of the company, these funds on the account will be blocked.

Establishing a company already open in the Czech Republic for registration in the trade register and registering it in the financial management will be the next and final stages of this procedure.