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Updated concept of cafes and bars

The ever-changing consumer preferences and market relations caused by the new economic situation have given a good start to the new approach to catering. Representatives of small business start with great creativity to approach the design of their own small institutions, emphasizing their charisma and individuality.

Updated concept of cafes and bars

The new concept of small cozy cafes and bars starts to fit into the taste of both their owners and customers. What are they different from the institutions of the old network format?

Small square

Using a room designed for 10-15 customers, you can create a unique home-style home or cafe that helps visitors relax and shield themselves from the city noise. After the end of a hard working day or at the end of a week of work, it is very pleasant to have a rest in a calm and quiet place surrounded by friends for a measured conversation, leaving all the fuss outside the institution. A pleasant and cozy home environment wins noticeably in front of the noisy pubs and bars. It is also recommended to buy a coffee printer at a bargain price.

Location and room selection

The main emphasis when choosing the location of a future bar or cafe should be to create a cozy place close to the main flow of urban residents. At the facade and the showcase now pay not so much attention, so when choosing a room you can pay attention to basement and semi-basement rooms in the courtyards of the main city streets. It will be worthless to pay attention to the long-standing idle shops, clubs, enterprises and garage boxes.

In search of suitable premises you can find really interesting city corners with its fascinating history.

Repair and interior

In order to carry out repairs before opening an institution, it is necessary to determine its conception and thematic filling. Using the experience of foreign institutions of a similar format, there are two directions in which there is a possibility to save on repair: the volume of finishing works and building materials. You can not save on the services of a professional designer. It is he who, together with the owner, will create a unique cozy atmosphere in the future establishment.

In the interior, there must be elements that show customers that they are surrounded by not just incomprehensible trash, but really rare items. The designer must correctly place accents with the help of various quality elements of decor, installations and art objects. In a general environment, its special meaning must be laid, otherwise visitors may think that they went into a simple banquet.

Creating your own cozy bar or cafe allows you to realize your creativity and fantasy in its arrangement and create a unique corner for the rest of visitors.