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Unusual ideas for restaurant business

It is the restaurant business that allows you to realize the most extraordinary, sometimes shocking, risky ideas in life. Following the specific theme is typical of the interior of the restaurant, its accommodation, staff and kitchen.

Unusual ideas for restaurant business

The more the restaurant can surprise, shock, confuse, display extraordinary, cause a storm of both positive and negative emotions, the more popular it will be.

Copying a topic in the restaurant business often does not bring it to the owners of such a development as received by the predecessor restaurant. Therefore, the original dishes for restaurants - a way to allocate your restaurant.

In the modern world there are already a number of specific, far from ordinary restaurants that give their visitors a storm of emotion during their visit.

A restaurant in which full darkness reigns.

The main idea of ​​the restaurant is to become a place of blind people, to remove one sense of perception in order to develop others, such as hearing, smell, touch. When entering such a restaurant it is necessary to put in a safe all that can give light, to trust the waiters (by the way, really blind) and to order food "blindly", not even suspecting that it is necessary to eat.

Restaurant from the ice.

To visit such a bar-restaurant is how to get into a fairy tale where ice is everywhere, including dishes, furniture, scenery. Initially, such bars were invented in Sweden, but today they can please other countries, including hot Dubai.

Restaurant in heaven.

In Belgium there is a one-of-a-kind restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal at 50 meters above sea level. It consists of a table for twenty persons, which rises to the sky thanks to the lifting crane. Visitors have the opportunity to break away from the earth, enjoy the silence in heaven and receive a portion of adrenaline.

Restaurant among the sea spaces.

At a depth of five meters from the surface of the water is a restaurant with clear walls, where neighbors during the meal will be sea inhabitants, coral and tons of water. After visiting the seafood restaurant, pleasant emotions are overfilled with aesthetic pleasure.

The art of "Nyotaimori".

The restaurant, where this art is practiced, is famous for the fact that in the role of dishes there is a naked woman's body, which is beautifully laid out for food, mainly sushi. Girls are originally prepared to be stationary for several hours and to withstand cold food throughout the entire period.

And this is not the whole list of unusual restaurants. There are restaurants that border the levels of madness. They include funeral issues, hospitals with a department of psychiatry, where the visitor turns into a patient.