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The kitchen in the office, contrary to different opinions, is a very important place. Not only because labor legislation requires the provision of premises for hired workers. Make sure that the office cuisine has a connection not only with food and the preparation of warm drinks in it. Perhaps you will think that there are other premises that can be attributed to more important than the kitchen.


Many people start work from a short visit to the office kitchen. Morning coffee, sometimes a quick breakfast - this is how your employee's day should begin. Usually they can return to the kitchen throughout the day. For example, to have lunch or snack. Every businessman who has an office in the kitchen knows that such a room in the company serves not only to meet the physiological needs, but it is the center of communication of employees. For this reason, now in a good office there is an equipped kitchen with a place to eat.

In the office kitchen, employees usually take a break. Sometimes, this place is chosen to break away from the monitor for a while, get up from the chair, grind the bones and restore strength. And of course, employees go to the kitchen to eat the second breakfast, to drink coffee or tea. Meet with your colleagues from your own or other departments. They are pleased to talk about food. Especially since during the break the atmosphere is free, and conversations are held on topics more personal. Allows you to get to know each other more closely. Such conversations in a free niche allow you to relax a little. They have no connection with your work, but in fact affect the achievement of a very important thing in each enterprise.


Sometimes, when a person is very focused and is looking for a solution to a question at the table, nothing comes to mind. Inspiration appears unexpectedly in some kind of a week's situation. The key to success in such situations is the feeling of relaxation, relaxation, which is associated with professional activity. Establishing in this room a conversation with colleagues: the free exchange of experience, ideas and knowledge, and consequently, informal brainstorming, can lead to the emergence of a spontaneous good solution, or valuable advice on how to cope with some problems.

This is another advantage of having corporate kitchen in the office. If you are an entrepreneur and hire employees in your company, then be sure to think about the kitchen as an element that affects the productivity of workers' labor, and therefore, good investment in the development of the enterprise.