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Supermarket business plan

This kind of business is the most popular, because there are almost no risks, and the money for the opening will require very little. The store should be in a residential area of ​​the city and be up to one hundred square meters in size. Thus, the work schedule of the store will vary from nine in the morning to about nine or ten in the evening inclusive, preferably without a weekend. Then you will be provided with about half a dozen buyers per day, which will spend at least two hundred rubles at a time.

Supermarket business plan

Equipment of the premises

As already mentioned, you will need not more than one hundred or even seventy square meters to open a grocery supermarket. Where most will belong to trading halls, and the smaller one will be allocated to warehouses. The cost of renting an apartment accordingly will depend on the territory on which your shop is located. If you are going to repair the facility, you must agree on the conditions with the person who rents the room. In any case, the territory of the supermarket and its premises should be put in order. You will check sanitary and fire supervision, and, among other things, buyers should attract a common atmosphere so that they left more money at your supermarket.

Remember that self-service stores pay much faster than selling goods through the show-windows. In order to bring your store to the level of self-service, you should hire a security guard and arrange the camera. Then you will protect the store from theft.

In order for the goods to be better bought, use the services of a person who is engaged in the promotion and promotion of your goods. Services of such a person will be required not more than once every two months.

In an area of ​​about eighty squares, about five hundred goods of various brands are usually located. Naturally, all goods should be located in their sections. For example, grocery, dairy products, sausages, alcohol and so on.

You need trade equipment for supermarkets: refrigerators, freezers, showcases, scales, many shelves, cash desks, dishes for saving food.

Work with suppliers, goods

Remember, if you make good advertising to your store, then really good suppliers can find you by yourself. Choose only those whose goods and products are successful, have demand and quality. If you have about half a dozen things in your store, you will need about forty people who supply the goods. A good supplier is a good reputation. Ask for documents that will confirm the good quality of the goods!

The goods must meet the class of people who will buy them. For example, if you open a store of luxury goods in a regular area of ​​the city, your store will fail. Choose the right products.

Staff, competitors

You must have a trained shop manager who will help you in this area. Sellers who have experience in sales. It is better to hire them for about eight people so that they work in a row. And also guards and cleaners of premises are necessary. The state wages will depend on many conditions to decide for you.

After opening the store, you should not spend on useless signboards about opening, it is better to arrange a holiday, then you will provide a good impression of your store. In order to get around competitors, you have to get tired. The first way is to put the cost of production less than others. And the second way is to offer a wider assortment of your goods and high-quality products! It is very important that you have a friendly and attractive staff who can quickly serve customers.

Make days of sales and discounts by season, to attract customers' attention. The store must always have a good atmosphere, understandable goods. In order for buyers to go to you constantly, it is necessary to attract them with the help of marketing moves. For example, give people 10 percent discount on goods. If a person comes to you about three times - a habit is working out. Further, everything will depend on the quality of products and qualifications of staff. Create a highlight in your supermarket, for example, bake your own bread.