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Street food as a business idea

In today's rhythm of life, people often do not have time to visit a cafe or restaurant to eat well. They have to either sacrifice their lunch, or take something for lunch. In this case, the problem can be solved by a mobile carriage or a futurkrack (a cafe-van for cooking food and drinks).

Street Food

The main advantage of this business idea is the ability to move from one point to another, for example, in the morning and in the afternoon - next to the business center, in the evening - in the park or park. This allows you to increase the number of clients. There are three main advantages of the futdractors: the lack of a high lease, the ability to choose a location often, and the lack of advertising costs. The brightly designed van will attract the attention of visitors. In addition, in addition to cooking and selling food, it is possible to arrange events, receiving from this additional income.

If an entrepreneur is a novice in business, then, launching such a project, he should not overestimate his strengths and build grand plans. It is important to concentrate on cooking, being customer oriented and ready to learn a lot.

So, the organization of street fastfood includes the following points:

Transportation and its design;
Choosing a niche;
Business registration;
Selection of employees.
Particular attention should be paid to recruiting staff. It is better not to save and hire a good chef who, in addition to cooking, will also have a menu, rather than a few inexperienced workers.

The choice of a niche is one of the underlying moments of any business, including "food on wheels." After the entrepreneur has decided on the range, it is possible to start purchasing the equipment.

What equipment is needed for street fast food:

The wagon itself is a two-storey car or with a trailer;
Van with ice cream, coffee or sandwiches - depending on the chosen niche;
2 refrigerators, 1-2 freezers;
Blender, coffee maker, microwave oven, slicer;
Cooker, tools for the cook, staff form;
Shelf for food and food;
Heater, air conditioning, video surveillance system, furniture for visitors;
Water heater, bathroom.
Registration of "street fastfood" is carried out in the form of LLC or IP depending on the wishes and plans of the owner. The UFO registration service is an ideal offer for today. There are no regulatory documents regulating this type of business specifically in the RF, but there are basic instances that need to be passed: SES, Fire Inspection, approval by the authorities.

Another important point is the assessment of business prospects. One-time investments amount to approximately 1,700 million rubles. With a daily turnover of 20 thousand rub Food from wheels can provide monthly gross profit of 250 thousand. rub., clean - 140 thousand rub

Thus, "food on wheels" is a great start for beginners. In addition, it is in great demand among residents of megacities and large cities. But, despite its attractiveness, this type of business is very costly. Therefore, before choosing it, the entrepreneur needs to think through a niche, clearly calculate costs and evaluate the prospects of development.