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Own drugstore: features of its discovery

The most profitable type of trade is the sale of drugs and related products. Nowadays, many in pharmacies leave more money than in a supermarket. There is always high demand for medicines, therefore, such a business is potentially profitable.

Own drugstore: features of its discovery

To begin with, you have to decide on the direction. For example, you can open a pharmacy, a kiosk, a store or a classic pharmacy. They are distinguished by normative documents, services provided and authorized medications. For example, prescription drugs are allowed only to a classic pharmacy or item. But in stores or kiosks you can only sell non-prescription drugs.

Before you open a pharmacy, you should choose a good place. Of course, it's better to look for a room in the sleeping areas, because the level of liveliness will affect not only the number of visitors, but also profits.

The room should be chosen not less than 75 square meters. meters It will need to be divided into several rooms: a shopping hall, rooms for staff and storage of medicines. You can still make a book for an accountant and a manager.

Then you will need a licensing of pharmaceutical activity. To do this, you have to submit a lot of documents:

• Certificate confirming registration to the tax authority;

• A questionnaire specifying the addresses of divisions and legal entities, the name of the organizational-legal form;

• Copies of constituent documents;

• Certificate of payment of a license fee;

• Documents that confirm the availability of pharmaceutical education from the staff;

• A statement from the SES that the premises correspond to the declared activity;

• Certificate of preparation for the head.

Their collection is the most difficult test for an individual entrepreneur. In general, when opening a pharmacy you need to prepare for the fact that you will have to visit a lot of different instances.

Only those who have a pharmaceutical education should be employed at work. An experienced person with a specialist certificate will be required to take the position of a pharmacist. It is he who will be the most important in the team. That is why when organizing this business you need to carefully approach the issue of recruitment, especially the manager.

The pharmacy can be opened in a closed or open type. In the first case, the sale is carried out through the counter, and in the second - the self-service system operates.

The correct product layout implies the division into groups: seasonal products, prescription and non-prescription drugs, care products, and more. But the grouping should be clear to the customers, since they are lost in the trading room, they will leave and they will not get anything. It is not necessary to place preparations exclusively on the price, on the contrary, inexpensive medicines should be placed at the level of eyes. But the expensive drugs there is definitely not a place, because buyers may think that in the drugstore everything is too expensive.

The health industry can turn out to be a very lucrative business. True, all time will have to work, fight with competitors, apply advertising and strategic steps competently.