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Opening of a driving school

Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, from wanting to get rights and buy personal transport there is no retreat. The opening of the driving school is one of the most profitable and cost effective projects in Russia. Autoschool can be opened, having a budget of 800,000 thousand rubles. From the number of those who wish to receive the right never had a withdrawal, therefore, it is necessary to build a business in this segment of the market, it will not kill any crisis.

Driving school Pechersk

Many people ask whether the sheepskin is worth a lot? Of course, this is evidenced by the opinion of independent experts. In spite of competition, driving schools are more stable than hairdressing salons. An example is not the best but explanatory state of things. Not in one city, with a population of 30,000 people, there was no case of closing a driving school. Mergers were with this fact, no one argues.

And so the solid facts and arguments presented above prove that the discovery and further use of driving schools are beneficial.

For the future owner it is necessary to find a room for a driving school, it is desirable that it was not a "shed", so attracting customers will be much more difficult. It is best to open an enterprise next to or within the educational institutions. People from 18 years old are the main drivers of driving schools.

In order to avoid unpleasant excesses, it is necessary to coordinate the choice of the future building with the fire inspection, as well as the sanitary epidemiological station. According to the curriculum, for each cadet, driving schools account for 2.4 square meters of space. If the rules are not met, the license is withdrawn from the driving school.

To save, place classes in schools, colleges, universities. Rental in such premises will be significantly lower. And your prospective client will always see your logo in the walls of his temple of knowledge that will entail him or her, to motivate you to get the right from you.

Try to keep up to 20 people in the classrooms, if the number of cadets is larger, the driving school may be fined a round amount. Beware of quarrel with law enforcement agents.

For self-equipping the classroom it will take about 60,000 rubles. It is necessary to have a stand, an outboard engine. On the training engine, cadets understand the basics. Purchasing a motor is not a problem, buy an old car for 10 000 rubles and remove the engine.

For young driving schools, find instructors with experience. This will help you in the initial stages. After receiving, candidates must be sent to the internship. All costs are paid by the founder of the driving school. Internship is paid and will cost 3 000 rubles for each employee.

There is no more pitfalls on this. Open the driving school and earn the cream. Good luck