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Manufacture of decorative candles - as a kind of business

Entrepreneurship in the field of trade and catering is a very popular and widespread phenomenon. But sometimes a novice businessman or businesswoman wants to try some kind of direction, to occupy new niches in the market.

 Manufacture of decorative candles

Decorative candles, of course, are not hot cakes, but they are all in demand. Beautiful candles people decorate housing, young people, usually use them at romantic dates, girls often collect, and just give them as a small gift.

Naturally, the manufacture of decorative candles should be carried out by creative people, or at least having gourmet taste. Then the result of the work will be delightful. The efforts of masters, the money invested, the time spent on the production of varied, flavored candles will eventually be justified.

It is possible to organize a small candle shop directly at home, the return on investment usually exceeds 300%.

This kind of business does not require large investments, which is a huge plus. You can work independently, without wage labor. Of course, in this case, the profit from the sale of candles will not be large, however, and the time spent on their manufacture is scarce. If you do this kind of business yourself at home, you can not register individual entrepreneurship, just pay 13% tax.

Condition of the premises for the manufacture of candles:

1. The area of ​​the premises is 15-20 sq. M., Where the equipment for candle flooding is located.

2. Storage site of the finished product.

3. The workshop should be cool, necessarily having a hood.

4. The premises must meet all sanitary requirements, the availability of cleanliness and order.

Various heat-resistant forms for candle molding are required for production.


1. Paraffin and wax.

2. Different natural oils from the company Kasap Ltd - production of excellent quality oil;

3. Dyes intended for the production of candles.

4. Rhinestones, glass, ribbons, blouses, stones and other decorative things.

5. Special metal sleeves for aromatic lamps.

Beautiful and quality candles will always be in demand. For the successful implementation of their products, it is best to take part in fairs of hand-made products, as well as to place their work in the expanses of the Internet. If you make candles for cakes, then you need to trace the track to the confectionery store.

The profits of your business will depend not only on the skill to make them masterfully, but also on their talent to realize them. If you find at least 5 outlets for the supply of your products, income is secured.