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Idea to create a business: grocery store

Food is needed by everyone and always. The grocery store is a good source of stable income for the business owner. Naturally, under the condition of efficient organization of the case. How to create a grocery store?

Idea to create a business: grocery store

Choose the format of the grocery store

To open a grocery store, it is necessary to determine the level of its scale. It may be a grocery supermarket, an average store or a small shopping mall.

As a rule, the supermarket system operates a self-service system, and in the middle and small stores the trade is carried out through the counter.

In addition, it is very important to determine the mode of operation of the future store. Very often, such stores work 24 hours a day to increase sales and attract additional customers.
The room and the location of the store

Very well, if the store is located on a lively street. It is desirable to have a public transport stop nearby.

The store should attract attention. It should have a good drive for cars. In addition, you need to take care of parking.

Shop for shop can be bought or rented. There must be a storage room. The optimal option is the first or basement floor of a house or a separate building. The average area of ​​the grocery store is an average scale of 50 to 100 squares.

Assortment assortment

To form the optimal range, you need to monitor the food market in the area where the store is scheduled to open.

Often in the range of the grocery store there are from 2000 to 3500 nomenclature items. As an option, it is possible to organize trade in a certain group of food products.

Usually up to 30% of the amount of initial capital is directed to the purchase of the first consignment of goods.
Equipment for the store

As trading equipment it is necessary to purchase shelves, refrigerators, racks and cash register. You can buy equipment already in use. This will save you a lot.

Profitability and business payback

According to expert estimates, the cost of one year of work will amount to about 90 thousand dollars. These will be the cost of the purchase and equipment of the premises, the purchase of the first batch of goods, payment of salaries to employees, etc. At the same time, the annual income will be approximately 120 thousand dollars.

Accordingly, the initial investment will be paid within 10 months.