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How to rent an office?

Recently, more and more often, in newspapers, on television, on radio, on the Internet and in many other places you can see an advertisement in which people are offering their office property for rent. If a person really has an office and can document his own property, then he can legally rent the real estate.


It can be as a whole building, and a specific separate room. But do not immediately post everywhere ads that offer to rent an office in Moscow cheaply. Before this, it is necessary to check whether this space corresponds to the necessary parameters and requirements. The first important factor is the location of the office. The area in which he plays plays a very large role.

If the firm is large and can afford to carry out all its employees on a daily basis, then this criterion is not so important. But if a company can not afford such a luxury, the tenant should choose an office space in a place where it would be comfortable to get to work and home to all employees of the enterprise. Ideally, it's best if the office is as close as possible to the center. This saves a lot of free time for employees. The second factor is the internal moments of the room itself.

Very well, when a company has a large budget and can afford to carry out electrical wiring, heating, water supply, sewerage, and so on. But if such an opportunity is not provided, then it is necessary to specify from the owner of the premises about the availability of all these household items. The third factor is the presence of furniture in the office.

Many real estate owners think for a long time: to rent an office room with or without furniture. It is usually not required for large companies, since the designers of such firms usually customize the office so that the interior is executed in a single collective style. But if you rent a small room, for example a room, then for both sides of the contract it will be convenient to arrange all documents in the presence of furniture. With such a schedule, you do not need to spend your free time and financial means on the removal of old furniture, the purchase of new, repairs and other details.

This option will be convenient and optimal, both for the owner of the real estate, and for the owner of the company. Here are three common criteria for which you should hand over and choose an office space.