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How to open a private museum

Of course, almost every person wants to make money, without much effort. For this type of business, the first thing to do is determine your future concept and make a business plan capable of serious competition. If you enjoy reading cultur news, studying art and art, opening a private museum will be a great option. This is not so common, so the questions may arise, a few more, which will allow you to translate the idea into business.

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Personal motivation

Virtually all museums are opened exclusively from the personal love of a person to art. Little when it's just a source of income and nothing more. If you have a number of things that can be of interest to other people, then there is every chance of a successful start. You must understand what exactly motivates you and inspires you to develop the collection museum. Next, we need to tell about such an institution a huge mass of people and those who are very interested in it. The main stream of people will be from the area of ​​interest to these same things as you.

Selection of the premises for the museum

Perhaps you can not personally buy or rent a room, but you can find a sponsor who will take care of yourself. Of course, you should interest him, show the collection, talk about the approximate incomes and benefits of business. If you can not find the sponsor, try to contact the local authorities, they are likely to provide a low rent.


In addition to standard posts, the museum must be a restorer. It is advisable that all people understand the art and love the collection that your business represents.


As with any business, you need to accurately calculate all costs. For utility, rent, restoration services, print media and much more.

Further development

The assortment of your museum should be constantly supplemented to attract both new and old visitors. Organize thematic evenings by pre-wrapping a large number of colorful posters on local billboards, magazines and newspapers.

Make contact with your interests, other museums and similar people in the community. It is recommended to periodically arrange open days and charity evenings.