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How to become an individual entrepreneur

Choose the concept of taxation.

First, we propose to make a pre-selection on how to pay taxes. This decision must be made before submitting the papers to the tax service for registration.


There are five tax systems in the Russian Federation. We suggest to focus on specials. modes: UTII, UHN. They are formed for a small business, with the aim of reducing taxes and making accounting easier.

Establish your type of work according to OKVED

In the securities for registration, you need to specify the business code according to the directory OKVED. Install a number of codes with which you are likely to start working.

Prepare paper for design.

For registration IP will need:

Photocopy of the passport Application for state registration. In case you send the papers by mail or hand over with an agent, in such a case the application must be certified by a notary. A receipt for payment of the state fee is 900 rubles. Copy of the confirmation of the INN (if it is not available, it will be made during the registration). Agent's availability. Notification into the use of USN (in duplicate).

Take the paper to the tax service or the MFC.

Fold all the paper into a folder, do not need to cut them, and be ready to serve.

Call a tax inspector in advance, according to your place of residence, and find out the necessary office and time of reception.

Second method of transferring securities for registration IP - Universal Center for Public Services (MFC). A similar center exists in every locality. You have difficulties, and you do not have the opportunity to come personally, you can send the paper to the tax or give the agent a power of attorney. You will need to certify notarial paper for the registration and photocopy of your document.

When submitting papers for registration of entrepreneurship, you are obliged to give a receipt for its acceptance. When you submit applications for the use of USN, you will be given 1 sample notification, numbered, printed and stamped. In the event that the tax will not accept a notice in the USN, do not miss the point to transfer it within 30 days after registration.

Acquisition of documents

The papers on the registration of the IP must be ready within 5 working days. To get them, take with you:

Passport; Receipt of receipt of securities; Power of attorney to agent (if there is a need).

The Tax Service is required to provide subsequent papers:

Certificate of state registration of an IP Certificate of registration - an act of assigning an INN. Certificate from the state registration of businessmen (EGRP).

A document evidencing the use of the USN represents your 2nd tax notification sample. In addition to the tax inspection, you can request an informative message on the use of USN.

You are also required to register with the Pension Fund, the tax service will send data yourself. You are required to automatically submit a registration notice to the FIU according to the residence permit. In case if the act is not sent to you, go to the pension fund with the originals and photocopies of the confirmation of the registration of the IP, INN and pension confirmation.

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