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Business in accounting services

The profession of accountant is highly sought after in the labor market. But a small business can not afford to keep a full account of a qualified accountant, and account, one way or another, to conduct it is necessary. Therefore, such enterprises use services of a third-party specialist. And these services are much cheaper. On the rendering of accounting services it is possible to build a business.

Business in accounting services

To open this business, you need to go through a standard set of procedures: make a business plan, register the company in the tax inspection. In order to calculate the amount of initial capital, you should take into account the costs of registration, payment for renting premises, buying furniture, licensed software, functional office equipment.

Do not forget about the costs of advertising, services for a programmer and a lawyer. The business plan must include a sample contract with the clients. If your own funds are not enough, you must contact the bank for a loan or attract an investor. After all the procedures related to opening a business, you can choose an office space. To begin with, it may be a small room to accommodate 5-6 jobs. The office is better to organize nearby potential clients.

Qualified specialists will be required to carry out accounting services. You need to think about this even before the registration. If you can not find qualified professionals, the business will end without having started. Probably, at the end of the year, when businessmen start a fiasco with the reporting, they will have to recruit additional specialists. It is necessary to provide in advance and agree with experts on cooperation.

To attract customers, you need to run an advertising campaign. It's best to ask for help from specialists. But if there is no money for it, it's possible to carry out an advertising campaign on its own. To start, create a site for the company, where to talk about the specialists of the company, indicate the contacts, time of work, etc., to give links to the site in social networks, to advertise on the Internet. It is imperative to engage local media. Order billboards for outdoor advertising. It is necessary to use all available means for this. But the best thing to do is to raise the company's rating of high quality work.

Profitability in this business can reach up to 30%, and initial expenses will pay off for the year. So, in a year you can think about expanding your business and staff.

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