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Business idea: organization of own car service

Any business idea related to cars, with the right approach to organization, can bring a good profit. This is due to the fact that the operation of the vehicle takes place for a long time, and each car needs repair. So why not take advantage of this and not organize your own business.

Business idea: organization of own car service

First of all, it is worth taking care of the room. The place for such a place is best chosen near the busy route. It will allow to carry out and independent advertising of the profitable business.

Car service equipment

Any car-care center needs equipment - it is:

Lifts It is not necessary to stop the choice on import lifts. Often, our Soviet lifts prove to be much more practical than French or Italian.

Compressor Also a necessary thing in work. With its help you can significantly accelerate the repair of the car. Without this device, you can not use the chatroulette. If in the long run there is a desire to engage in painting cars, then you will need to organize a drying chamber. Of course, this is already a big expense, but they are justified.

Prepare specialized equipment for the purpose of computer diagnostics of automobiles. Buy a plastic capacity at a bargain price.

Implementation of spare parts

In addition to the offer of repair services, you can simultaneously deal with the sale of spare parts. To do this, you will need a warehouse, and hire a skilled manager and storekeeper. That is, the work of the car service should be fully customer-oriented.

For example, the customer needed repair of the ball bearing. Such repairs are to replace this part. And if you have your own auto parts store, then this item can be purchased at your store. This will already give a positive impression on the client. By the way, only on the site of the company OSM-RV it is very advantageous to buy lubricants for high-speed bearings.


Car service can also be equipped with washing, which can also lead to additional income. To make the sink more profitable, it will be necessary to organize the organization of the workplace, the necessary equipment, specialized chemistry.