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Business idea: opening your own bakery

Bread all over the head! - such, and many other sayings we have heard many times. Not surprisingly, bread is the most popular product in the world. This is the only product that all peoples in the world use. Bakery products have a high and constant demand among the population of any country.

Business idea: opening your own bakery

Opening your own bakery can bring a large and stable income at any time. You can start by creating a small bakery that will produce a small amount of flour bakery products. The production can include ancient family recipes and other bread production technologies. If you have the desire and the means to open the bakery, why not try to do it.

The idea of ​​a mini bakery

A mini bakery should constantly produce fresh and delicious products that are different from store products. Each person will choose warm and fragrant bread, so your task is to attract customers. The opening of the mini-bakery should be in the place where many people go every day. This may be an area near office centers or universities where hungry workers and students will enter your bakery. The room can be used, both rented and own. You can also enter into a deal with a store in which there is a free space. An acceptable area for opening a mini-bakery is an area of ​​60 square meters. The premises must comply with all standards and requirements of SES:

The room should be cold and hot water. Ceilings and walls should be clean.

Ventilation indoors is obligatory.

The mini bakery should not be in the basement or in a room of this type.

In addition to the premises you need to buy equipment. This includes a milling roller mill and mill rollers, an oven, a kneading machine, as well as various cabinets and shelves for ingredients. You should also complete all necessary documents and obtain permission to sell your products. You will also need sales staff and other staff to work. To buy raw materials for bakery products should be immediately before cooking, because buying a stock is not profitable. Baking requires flour, preferably of the highest grade. You can buy flour, both in production and in stores. When you make bread and other flour products, you will be able to provide your life with a constant income.