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Breeding of rabbits is simple, profitable and fast!

It's enough for a year or two, as all investments in animal breeding business pay off. Some businessmen are very fond of doing this business, and it is not in vain, it is easy to start their business, investments will be needed a little, and business income will come on a regular basis in large volumes.

Breeding of rabbits is simple, profitable and fast!

Rabbits breeding as a business is one of the spheres of earnings. It is rabbits that are distinguished for their fertility, and this guarantees the rapid development and expansion of trade boundaries. The more rabbits, the more profit the business. A month is enough for the rabbit to carry its offspring. In one litter there can be 6 to 12 individuals. Unlike chicken, rabbit meat is not so common, that is, demand exceeds the supply. And this is a guarantee of fruitful business development on breeding these cute animals.

Each year, one pair of rabbits can bring up to 200 rabbits. Easy calculations will help determine the number of pairs, so that business has flourished from the first days. 200 rabbit young - it is 300-600 kg of meat and 200 skins. To place such a large number of rabbits even from one pair, you have to rent or build your own farm. This will help make the business cost-effective and cost-effective. In addition, in the future, you can easily collaborate with large processing companies and get a reputable supplier of rabbit meat.

At the prepared farm, you need to place enough cells, arrange for storage rooms, refrigeration chambers, slaughter, and much more. For a competent business, it is important to negotiate a purchase with private or public enterprises. Frequent buyers or regular customers can get decent discounts, this ensures constant cooperation and regular profits from sales of rabbit meat and skins. One kilogram of rabbit is now about 200 rubles. After calculations, it is possible to verify that a properly organized production will be able to pay off in a year or two, and then profits will double, due to the growing number of customers and partners. Collaboration with foreign companies will help to develop business to the international level.

According to this principle, it is possible to breed other species of animals, which differ in their high reproduction rate and valuable furs. The Nutrians are a little like rabbits, their fur is also valued, and meat is not inferior to taste.