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Anticafe: features of business idea

Anticafe is a commercial establishment, although it positions itself as a social one. This is an option of pastime in contrast to restaurants and regular cafes, which are expensive for most. Here the visitor does not pay for the menu, services or activities, but only during the visit. Who would not have to taste the opportunity to spend time in a pleasant place, where you can even talk with friends or customers, even read, even if they sit online?

With the advent of the first anti-cafe in our country in 2010, which produced a truly genuine furor, they became, like mushrooms, growing not only here but also abroad. The idea of ​​paying for time and free service / services came to the taste of both visitors and business organizers. The most popular nowadays are free Wi-Fi, coworking zone, Full HD projector, "unlimited" sweets, etc.

It is amazing, but only in these cafes (not everything, of course) you can bring food and drinks with you. And this is attractive to a large number of visitors.

The owners of the cafe are interested in having the visitor spend as much time as possible in the institution. For this purpose, the idea of ​​the institution, its design, creation of a certain atmosphere is contemplated up to the small details. We need to do everything possible so that the person would like to stay and come again. Anticaffairs are interested in regular customers, especially those who spend time in the institution for a long time. The atmosphere of ease and comfort, the opportunity to settle "almost at home" is achieved, thanks to the permission for the free movement of tables and chairs. All this attracts more students, freelancers, and senior pupils - they can spend hours here, with each or almost every day.

Statistics show that anti-cafes are popular, and investing in this kind of business is a profitable decision. In order to open a truly worthy anti-cafe, the idea behind which the room is being sought is created, its atmosphere is created, the design is made, the music is selected, etc. For the automation of such an institution, the iiko system from Knaipa-pro will be perfectly suitable.

Unlike a regular cafe, there is no need for a cook and other relatively large staff. For antikafe enough one or two administrators, one or two assistants, a waiter and a cleaner.

On average, anti-cuppa pays off in half a year.

Opening an antique cafe in steps

As the main thing in the success of anticapa is, as noted above, its atmosphere, the first step is to choose a suitable room. A good option would be an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. m and a relatively low rent. For this purpose, it is worth considering basements or semi-basements, located not on the central streets, but a little away from them.

The second step is directly registration with the tax service, obtaining permission from the fire inspection and SES.

Thus, anti-cafe is not only an interesting business variant, but also a niche, which still has the opportunity to enter.